Phoebe Cowan

Designed to be provocative, Phoebe Cowan’s work asks viewers to turn an inquisitive eye inwards, to assess themselves. Created by a mind enthralled by science, Phoebe’s work is produced with the intention to be stark, uncomfortable and to encourage uncharted parts of the viewers mind to be conquered and understood. Working predominantly in pen and ink – in print and drawing formats, Phoebe’s work follows a monochromatic palette, which she feels allows for honest viewing without misguided focus, believing her work guides the viewer to specific motifs. Her interest in science leads her work to explore a variety of concepts most often revolving around the human form and the human mind, and what is contained within these things. The concept of Art therapy is of strong influence and inspiration to her work, which features in the form of disturbing and dark undertones, examining factors affecting human mindset – healthy or otherwise.