'Vastness of Nothing'

Rachael Guilfoyle

Being fascinated by the sea, Rachael Guilfoyle’s artwork focuses on her personal emotions felt towards it, by creating atmospheric paintings that enable her to understand her complex love hate relationship with it. Growing up in Devon, Rachael has had constant access to the sea and her curiosity towards it began at a young age. This curiosity has been influenced throughout her life by other factors; such as the media producing films like “Jaws”, to her Great Grandfather being aboard a naval vessel during WW2. Rachael keeps these influences in her mind as she tries to understand what it is about the sea that frightens, yet intrigues her. Despite favouring the medium of paint, Rachael is not unaccustomed to exploring and utilising other mediums in her practice. She uses acrylic paint primarily to explore texture and mark making, by use of a varied range of handmade and found tools.