Mari Westeng Sorensen (1) (Copy)

Mari Westeng Sørensen

A consideration for nature lies at the heart of Mari’s creative process. Working mainly with drawing, and through stylized, patterned and brightly coloured human figures, she attempts to explore the damaging effects of man on the endangered Earth, which she understands to be accelerating at this time. Her style draws inspiration from radical opposition in art, and the idea that our culturally shared images are vital to our perception of environmental, cultural and social interaction. Using mixed media in organic materials and found photographs of current destruction of habitats, forests and oceans to contextualise her imagery, Mari’s work explores the notion that we are the guardians of our planets health, and proposes that our own psychological wellbeing is connected to our natural environment. She is interested in pattern and detail as a way to draw the viewer in, and with this she hopes to highlight the often overlooked infinite detail of our surroundings.