Driveshaft Parts Edition 1

Jekaterina Ehlers

Photography is something more than just art. It has a life of its own, with no boundaries.
Not long ago, Jekaterina began a new journey in to lithography. There too are no bounds or altitude, she can be whoever she wants and needs to be. Incorporating her love of photography with a technical printing process has opened many new doors for her.
Jekaterina has been inspired by the brilliant Artist’s Book maker Guy Begbie whose art work motivated her into that field.
An artist discovers new ideas to take photos of. She finds new ways of expressing herself by placing her litho printed photographs in her ‘Architect’ Artist books. Deep inside Jekaterina is an architect who wishes to build cityscapes. Making her ‘Architect’ Artist Books allows her to follow her dream in Architecture.
She would like to invite you into her artistic journey with an opened mind to be artistically aroused.