All good things come to an end..

Drawing and Applied Arts is more than just an undergraduate degree. It’s a journey and an evolution. The first step on our metamorphosis into professional artists, art therapists, foundry workers, teachers, draughts persons, printers, designers and more. But all good things must come to an end, and Drawing and Applied Arts is no exception.

The final year of Drawing and Applied Arts epitomizes the attitudes and approaches that define this exciting, dynamic course. Marrying a huge variety of mediums and processes; textiles, screen print, laser cut, etching, 3D metal and wood work and traditional painting and drawing, with the curiosity and verve that the course promotes, the final DAA students now stand poised on the precipice of the real world.

Our graduation show is the culmination of three years of searching and hunting as we chased our dreams and re-defined ourselves a new in the light of our ongoing evolution. In the fantastic studio space at the top of Bush House, with its gorgeous panoramic views of the city, you will find ideas and souls laid bare and rebuilt into something new and exciting.

All good things must come to an end, but an end is also the beginning of something new. And just as we graduates know and support the new incarnation of DAA: Drawing and Print, we hope that you will know and support us as we embark on our individual new beginnings into the wide world.